You shouldn’t list with Yell or Hibu?


Do you need SEO?

Firstly, ask yourself – how many people use an ‘online directory’ to search for services these days? The answer is, practically no one. This is because we ‘all’ use search engines as our online directory, and what’s more, search engines such as Google display listings far more efficiently in a specific locality than any other online directory out there.

Also, online directories such as Yell and Hibu may give you the spiel about getting to the top of Google, that they can provide you with a well designed website which is SEO’d for Google and other major search engines, with unique written content.

Firstly, Yell and Hibu are big companies, so they are always at the top of the Google search engine – just type in Yell and you’ll see for yourself. This does not mean however that your website will also be at the top. Just think of how many businesses like yours they have already contacted with the same elaborate speech, and you’ll see that it is virtually impossible to get to the top of Google this way.

Secondly – well designed, SEO’d for Google? Not the case. Most websites created by Yell or Hibu are basic ‘templates,’ which do not allow you to compete against anyone else online, let alone your competitors. When they mention SEO, they mean writing ‘anything’ into your content and meta-data, and targeting ‘no keywords’ whatsoever. Also, be assured, you are ‘not’ getting uniquely written keyword content, some content is copied from other clients they have within the same industry as your Business.

Want to pay extortionate fees every month to keep your website online? These online directories not only require an upfront charge, they also request between £49 to £64 from you monthly, for doing morally nothing to help you rank well within the search engine result pages.

Still not convinced?

We at Needawebsite can provide you with SEO Services, and know exactly how to organically integrate your website with Google through the correct use of keywords, content and on-site and off-site SEO, and we can help you gain the web traffic your business needs. See exactly how our process works.