Optimised for search engines

Okay, so why is copywriting so important to a website? Well, firstly, it helps you rank well with search engines such as Google. Put it this way, have you ever tried to read your medical notes, and realised it all looks like medical mumbo jumbo, because it is written in such as way, only those in the medical profession are able to understand?

Well, the same goes for copywriting for websites. If a website is written without emphasis on your message, or does not target the correct audience, people will not understand the information you are trying to convey, and therefore, less people coming to your website, means search engines will not rank your site properly.

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So, how can we help?

What we do on the other hand is help you up Google’s search results. Because we know about keyword targets, content writing and search engine optimisation and marketing, we can get your website just where it needs to be. Aimed with these three skills, we optimise your website for ‘bots’ (search engine robots), to crawl with ease, generate traffic from specified keywords, and keeping your readers interested through the content they read.

This in turn provides a good ranking with the search engines, and pushes you up the search listings.

If you need our help with copywriting for your website, please contact us at Needawebsite.

CMS Website Design

Web Design for London

If you run a business with no website, then you are cutting yourself short. Our skills in web development allows us to provide a first class web design service for London businesses, via Organic on-site and off-site SEO techniques, trusted by Google; making your service or product stand out from the rest!

You dream, we develop; and we’ll create your online success from even the smallest dream you provide us with. We are here to make your business succeed online!

Your ideas to life!

We don’t ‘just’ provide you with a website like other web companies do, we give you a complete web design service. This means that you get the full benefit of our developers, designers, keywords researchers, content researchers and copywriters for every website we build.

We are based in London, so we thought it best to keep our custom in London – we specialise in Web Design for London businesses which aim to push you up the search listings, generating maximum traffic through our extensive knowledge of organic optimisation techniques which Google trusts; whilst keeping your site’s design search friendly for users and search engines alike. At Needawebsite, we understand how important it is for your website to look and feel as part of your business, and we will brand your website according to the needs of your Company.

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Our London based websites offer:

  • Professional and creative design
  • Well written keyword content, optimised for the major search engines
  • Beneficial organic keywords with excellent traffic yield
  • An easy to use Content Management System
  • Design usability for staff and clients alike
  • Turn your visitors into paying customers
  • Bring in vital online custom
  • We won’t sought custom from the same type of business in your locality

Get a Free Quote and see exactly how we can help you and your business soar.

Website Re-Design

Give your website an overhaul

If your current website is not fulfilling your business objectives online, then you should probably look towards a website re-design. In today’s world, it is not enough to merely ‘have’ a website, as the look should change on a regular basis in accordance with current business targets, the business field its in, and modern day designs.

Websites should therefore be refined on a regular basis to to “flow with the times”. These improvements will no doubt draw in further visitors, with a potential for them to purchase your products or services. Content on the site should engage visitors, or they may be inclined to leave, and you will find them re-directed to your competitors – which is not a good idea.

website redesign

Enhance your presence

We at Needawebsite will help develop a new website for you, adding functionality and usability, with a professional modern look and feel – enhancing your online web presence. We will even provide a ‘content management system’ for you to update your content easily; on a regular basis. If you are looking for a complete overhaul of your website, then look no further. By implementing creativity and content, your website’s new look will generate more leads than your current site.

Businesses have approached Needawebsite for re-design of their current site. Most of the time, the content on the website is great, however, what often lacks is professional design, optimised layout, and appropriate keywords and colour schemes. Remember, the saying is true; “If you don’t like what you see on the outside, you will not go in.” This is often the case with all types of business, and the main reason a website does not generate the traffic it should.

Simplistic designs based on concepts

A professionally developed website will keep visitors on your site for longer, and will get them coming back for more. The more visits you obtain, the better your website does in the search engines, and their rankings, and so on.

If you are among those who have already invested in a website, only to find your site is not generating the visitors it requires, our website re-design services at are often the solution you need to deliver your message, and increase your profits.

If you need our help, then contact The Needawebsite Team.

Website Analysis

Our ‘Website Analysis Reports’ – £249

Do you have problems with your online business?

  • Not bringing in the website traffic you need?
  • Is your online business not as profitable as you thought it would be?
  • Insufficient business clientele?

  • Our Analysis Reports provide?

    Our Website Analysis Reports will not only check the present status of your website, we also provide in-depth information as to how to fix the current issues for your website to rank well with Google and the major search engines.

    • Keyword analysis – current keyword usage and ranking with the major search engines
    • Meta-tag analysis – current meta-tags used for efficient search engine listing
    • Image analysis – placement of images/logos and alt tags
    • Internal linkage – for efficient search engine crawling
    • Back linkage – to retain trustworthiness with the major search engines
    • URL status – for search engine indexing
    • Page load times – assessment of tables and inline styles
    • Robots file and Sitemaps – for good crawl rates, and ranking

    Contact us for a  Website Analysis Report sample.

Website Maintenance

Don’t stress, we’ll maintain your site

Outsourcing the maintenance of your website and updates to us will enable you to focus your company’s time and resources on revenue generating opportunities, without the headache of having to do it yourself.

  • Are you too busy to maintain your website?
  • Do you want professional updates, so you don’t have to waste time doing them?
  • Do you want to focus on your business more, and not have to worry about it online?

Then sign up to one of our web maintenance packages.

Our website maintenance package

If you think your website will be require regular changes over time, save money by purchasing a ‘full’ website maintenance contract.

  • Priority service (1-2 days turn-around)
  • Updating, correcting or creating new HTML web pages, as requested
  • Adding images and/or text to the website, supplied by the client
  • Verifying all links are up-to-date and not broken
  • Creating additional hyperlinks if necessary
  • Minor amendments to forms and contact pages
  • Fixing minor site errors
  • Basic testing and usability of the site

Animation, database, CMS integration/changes, programming work, excessive code changes, content writing and SEO, will be at additional cost, of which price(s) will be provided upon request – please contact us.

Banked Hours

Almost every business has its seasonal changes, and for most, some times will be much busier than others. Edits or changes may be required on your site much more in certain months, than in other months, (eg. for special events, marketing, etc.)

We will therefore bank any unused hours from your maintenance package ‘up to 1 month’ thereafter. (Eg. If you have a maintenance package, and request us to use only use 2 hours in the 1st month, we can carry your additional extra 1 hour which had not been used, into the 2nd month). Change/revision requests must be sent by email at least 1 month prior to request.

For a free website design quote please fill out our: Web Design Form. Or, if you have any questions on our web maintenance agreements, please Contact Needawebsite

All website maintenance contracts must be taken for a minimum term of no less than 4 months. 28 days’ advance notice will be required for termination of the package after the minimum term.

Domain Names

We will find you a great domain name

We understand how a name can make or break a business. If you have been able to purchase a domain name which is the same as your company name, then you have been extremely lucky. However, in an industry were domain names have been flying off the shelves for a number of years, it’s not always possible to purchase a domain name which is the same as your business name, and that’s were we step in.

Helping you make a positive choice

The Needawebsite Team acknowledges your business concept and its objectives, and we will help you choose a domain name which is highly suitable, and is built on keywords which generate good traffic to your website or online store. To do this, we have invested in applications which are designed specifically to monitor traffic in real-time, and understands ‘exactly’ what users are searching for on the web; at this very minute, last week, last month and so on.

From these results, We can establish your business’ high traffic keywords, and therefore, high traffic domain names within your industry. We are here to help you make the best choice.

Need our help? Contact Needawebsite for further advice.

Database Solutions

We build database applications

The Needawebsite Team can handle ‘all’ your web development needs, and we even integrate and develop bespoke database applications for your web project. With a database integrated into your website, users can add, remove and update information in your database using a web browser. Most database-driven sites also allow you to search “query” the database. This makes the website easier to manage, especially if you have a site which holds client details, to which you may need to make queries on at any stage.

Database integrated sites are a cross between a simple ‘static’ HTML site and a software program. Although these type of websites are more complex to design, they are much more easier to maintain.

web design database solutions

Contact Needawebsite for information on our database solutions for your business.

eCommerce Shops

Increase sales, reduce overheads

As SEO and market researchers, we know that 2014 online sales are to reach £95 billion, and if a retailer is not online, they cannot take advantage of what the worldwide web has to offer – and that means an increase in worldwide sales.

Our custom made eCommerce Websites are cost effective and guarantee a satisfied seller experience from customer registration, through to online purchasing, and order tracking. The benefits for your business are endless – providing a visual appeal to consumers via professional, contemporary designs, and a stable, secure environment, taking care of your entire catalogue, stock management, customer and order tracking. We combine a powerful but easy to use content management system, and work with leading opensource platforms such as Prestashop and Opencart.

ecommerce shops

We’re here to help your business achieve online!

Whether your needs are basic or more up-market, we’re here to help take your business into the online market, and our CMS platforms will cater for any eCommerce website, from the smallest retailer, to the larger shop; offering secure control, and benefiting the online consumer in the process. Being online means that you can access the platform anywhere in the world, and you don’t even require a retail shop – so there’s no further overheads! If you think we can help rtake your business into the future, fill out our quick web form, and we’ll get right back with a free quote.

Contact Us for further information.

Holding Pages

So, why have a Holding Page?

When you are building a new website, or you are thinking of developing a site for your business in the near future, it is quite essential for you to enlist in a Holding Page. This makes great things happen to your website, even before development has been started.

What search engines use to rank your website are something called ‘crawlers’ or ‘bots’ and a holding page provides an immediate web presence for the bot to crawl and begin the site ranking process, before your website is launched.

holding pages

What are in Holding Pages?

Holding Pages are usually a 1 pager, showing that you will be launching a new website soon, however; we don’t need to stop there! Modern holding pages will also provide a source of contact for your users – an email address link, accompanying a business address and telephone contact can be supplied on this 1 page, so users can either contact you directly, or register their email address for future updates or current newsletters. This is a excellent way to generate partnerships and build a potential client database, and allows for branding exposure.

Without a Holding Page, your domain name will display an error, which is known as a “404 error, page not found.” This could jeopardise your ranking chances with the major search engines, as it is not something a ‘crawler’ wants to see. This could also turn away future custom, so a Holding Page is definitely a way forward ‘before a new launch’.

If you need our help with a new web project, then contact The Needawebsite Team.

Logo Design

Your brand image at the forefront

Logos are the ‘signature’ of your business, and they generate a unique brand image. With a good logo, you can guarantee your presence against other competitors within your industry sector.

At Needawebsite we know exactly how to market your brand with a custom built, high resolution logo, designed specifically for your business. With our design team fully skilled in 3D graphics and logo design, we aim to bring you a quality logo, which will maximise your business’ potential, its image, and will gain you the leads you require within your business field.

logo design

Online Brochures

Bring your website to life

We can produce an exact replication of your existing brochure in PDF format, which will engage the customer, by using an easy click-through format with page-turns and custom built functions.

online brochures
e-Brochures are not only a good way to keep your customers interested, they are also useful for cost saving marketing, as there is no requirement to purchase additional postal advertising. Our interactive brochures are fun and effective, as they retract the need for ‘postal junk mail,’ saving costs and helping the environment in the process. We can turn almost any type of sales material into brochure format – brochures, leaflets, promotions and flyers can all be integrated into your website as an e-Brochure.

What’s included in the brochure?

  • Page Turn
  • Page Zoom
  • Page Scroll
  • Web Linking
  • Many other customised features

Web Photography

A picture speaks a thousand words

Professional web pictures can convey in not so many words; your business’ objectives, and it gives your business a creative edge, by bringing across its full potential to prospective clients. Remember the adage; “A picture speaks a thousand words,” and for an online business, this is vital for generating further profit.

web design photography

Settle for no less than the best

Needawebsite’s professional photographer is able to capture the true potential of your business. Whether you own a restaurant, nightclub, retail shop or a market stall; we will make the main aspects of your business stand out, to its best advantage. Clear pictures not only keep your site visitors interested; quality photographs also give your website the professional appearance it deserves.
We specialise in a variety of photography ideas, from:

  • Food Photography
  • Business Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Still life Photography

Website Hosting

Low-cost hosting for your website

Okay, no:1 – hire us to build your website or online shop, and you get 1 year’s hosting free, yep, we’re not kidding. But if you ‘just’ want hosting on its own, then we can do that for you too – but let’s be clear, we can’t give it away free, but we can provide it for a much cheaper price than other contenders.

If you need the performance of a dedicated server without the cost, and a hosting solution that is based your website needs, then we can provide the very thing. As a Cloud Hosting Provider, the benefits are endless, and these solutions are becoming very popular amongst small and large corporate businesses alike.

Cloud solutions are fast and easy to implement; you can avoid un-necessary costs spent on hardware and software; more data can be stored, thereby, it does not matter how much data your website holds; the server does not need to be updated constantly, in turn, giving you a more viable hosting solution.

Keep everything in the Cloud!

website hosting

Contact us if you require further information on hosting your website with us, or better still, let us build you a site, and you can have it free (for a year).