SEO Versus PPC
But what is PPC and CPC?

PPC, also referred to as CPC, is ‘paid search marketing.’ This means that you pay for traffic (visitors) to your website.

In order to utilise this form of advertising, Keyword Researchers will research a set of keywords relevant to your website. The Researchers will then provide you with a list of keywords you can use for your PPC Campaign, and the cost of each keyword. A keyword can cost anything from £0.05p to £75. The higher the cost of the keyword, the more people type the keyword into the search in Google, and the more competitors there are for this keyword. The lower the cost of the keyword, the less people type the keyword into Google and the less competitors there are for the keyword.

For example:
a) The keyword ONLINE LIVE ROULETTE is currently £75 per click for a PPC campaign. This means that many people are typing this keyword into Google, and many businesses are targeting this keyword for their websites.

b) The keyword HOMEOWNER LOANS BARNET LONDON is £0.20p per click. This means there are less people typing this keyword into Google than ‘online live roulette.’

Each time someone types a keyword into Google, PPC ads are displayed above the organic search listings:

seo v ppc

PPC Budget and Bids

For a PPC Campaign to work, you require a maximum daily budget. You also need a daily bid rate – how much are you willing to pay each time someone clicks into your website?

So, if you chose the keyword – ONLINE LIVE ROULETTE on a daily budget of £500 and a bid rate of £1.00p per click, your advert would not be shown in Google’s PPC listings as much, as if your daily budget rate was £5000 and your bid rate was £5.00 per click.

With PPC your website is not guaranteed to always be displayed in the PPC listings if your budget or bids are too low than other competitors for the same keyword

PPC Keyword Competitors

You always need to remember, there are PPC keyword competitors (other web businesses), targeting the same keywords you are using for your PPC campaign. If your competitor’s budget is £1000 per day and their bid rate is £20 per click, there is a greater chance for their website to be displayed in the PPC listings many more times than your website will, especially if your budget and bid rate is much lower.

What are Organic SEO Listings?

Organic SEO listings are displayed under PPC listings. Having organic listings in Google is much more advantageous than a PPC campaign, as it means you have retained ‘trust’ with major search engines such as Google, for building your website in the correct way.

Keyword Researchers will research keywords which relate to your business and generate a good amount of website traffic, (people searching for a keyword), wso your website will be shown in Google’s Organic listings ‘more often’ than with a PPC campaign.

Textual content for the website is then based around these keywords, and other on-site SEO is performed by the Web Development Company for Google to take notice of your website. Gaining Google’s trust is like climbing a very high ladder slowly, however; organic SEO gains more trust with Google than a PPC Campaign on its own. The more trust you gain with Google, the more your website is pushed further up their listings (up the ladder), and this means more web traffic to your website.

Organic SEO or PPC Campaign?

When building a website, it is a necessity to follow Google’s advice and organically SEO your site. Good Web Developers know this, and will do this for you as standard, however, as this is the most time consuming process in building a site, they will charge for this within the development costs.

Whilst PPC Campaigns maybe a fast marketing strategy, they are by no means ‘long-term’, however Organic SEO is. Once you stop paying Google to advertise via a PPC Campaign, your website will no longer be displayed on the search engine listings. Organic SEO is a strategy which can maintain a long term lasting effect, and one which will not only retain trust with Google, it will also increasing search traffic to your site over time.

It must be acknowledged – Organic SEO is not a ‘quick fix’, and may take anything up to 6 months for any change to take effect on your website. It is however, the most efficient way to integrate a website on the world wide web, and one which should never be over-looked by Web Developers.

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