What can SEO do for your Business?

To sum up SEO in a nutshell – imagine someone is looking for a service you offer, for example; “leather jackets.” They enter “leather jackets” into Google, and the search engine returns a list of results.

Unfortunately, your website which sells “leather jackets” does not show up. In turn, your competitors take your prospective clients for themselves, whilst you are left with no customers at all.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation as it is called, helps ‘your Business’ get listed and seen in the result pages of Google when Joe Bloggs types in “leather jackets.” This way, you get traffic to your website, and your prospective customers turn into prospective buyers.

Anyone can do SEO, can’t they?

Well, not really. Yes, there are Businesses out there who put a claim on building a website with SEO for cheap, but if you look at how long each process takes, you will see this practically not possible.

1. Keyword Research

Firstly, in order to get your website highly listed within the search engine result pages, ‘keyword research’ is paramount. Keywords searched for centre upon your Business area, and will be determined as being good from the amount of local and national search traffic, and other data, to determine whether your website is able to rank for it.

2. Competition Research

Secondly, it’s not just about keywords. ‘Competition research’ then needs to be undertaken, to see whether you are able to rank for the keyword your website is looking to target. For example, you may have a great keyword, such as “leather jackets”, however; how many other websites are also targeting that particular keyword?

If there is too much competition for that keyword, then your website may need to look at a different keyword to target, such as “leather jackets London”. This is because, with too much competition, your website will not be displayed in the higher search listings.

Competition research therefore is dependent on your Business niche. If you have a niche with low competition in your Business area, ie. – “homemade pencils”, then chances are, the keywords you choose to target on your website will also have low competition, and will be listed higher on search engines such as Google.

If however, you run a Business which sells “leather jackets”, you will probably find that your competition is very fierce for the market you are in. You will then need to find keywords which people are using in the search engines, and which have low competition.

3. Competitor Copywriting Research

It doesn’t just stop there. SEO Companies also perform ‘competitor copywriting research’. This entails looking at what your competitors write within their web-pages in order to draw customers in. It will also take on board any niche areas your competitors are also aiming at, in order to draw in extra traffic to their website.

4. Keyword Copywriting

copywritingSearch engines such as Google use powerful analysis and algorithms in order to rank your website, and send it higher up the result pages. They have search engine robots called ‘bots’ or ‘spiders,’ which crawl your website looking for the keywords you are targeting, your web-page content and whether it has been written with keywords in mind, the ratio of code to textual content, whether your content is unique to your website, a range of other algorithmic factors, and they can even decipher what your website is about, and whether the content is written for humans visitors.

Google hates websites which have been built for search engine robots only, and can kick your website off its listing pages if it thinks you are trying to fool it in anyway. It can also kick you off for copying any type of content from other websites, and using it on yours.

Once keyword targets have been completed, unique content will need to be written which aims at your Business niche and at ‘human visitors’, draws in custom, has the correct amount of code to content ratio on each web-page, and provides the right amount of keywords within the content, without over-saturation.

5. Other SEO Factors

Meta Data needs to be written into tags for the search engines, sitemaps need to be drawn up and robots files etc, which aids the generation of search engine ranking. This process normally takes 1 day to complete.

Summing up SEO

All in all, web design is not just about ‘design,’ it’s based on a set of mathematical and copywriting techniques, which aim to to push your website up the all important Google listing ladder. Without SEO, your website will be nothing more than a grain of sand on a beach, unable to reach its full potential – so you can have a great website on the outside, but if you don’t SEO your site as well, you’ll find no one will come, and that’s bad for Business.

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