Is Page Rank Finally Dead?

In the ever changing world of Google and the foremost Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates, many websites have seen their website rankings drop off. There are many reasons for this, the main ones being these Google updates.

It is said that Google normally produces 500 minor updates per month, which are seeing great websites drop off the radar if not monitored regularly. One major system upgrade was to get rid of Page Rank for citing a good quality website, and replace it with other algorithmic changes which turn things around (slightly). It is easy to see though why Google has decided to move away from Page Rank – improving a website’s Page Rank was easy enough with many grey hat or black hat techniques being utilised – which is what all of us good SEOs want to cut out!

Penguin’s spam fighting updates and Hummingbird’s integration of a semantic searches, mean websites with a higher Page Rank do not always beat a site with a lower Page Rank when racing to the top of Google, as was the case a while ago; even other engines such as Internet Explorer does not value Page Rank as a beneficial factor in the race up the ladder.

Citation and Trust Flow Processes

Recommendations nowadays are being placed upon Citation and Trust Flow to the integral pages within a website, measuring a website’s proficiency value, detailing strength and trustworthiness of a website from high citation websites linking directly back.

Although we are saying that Citation and Trust Flow is now a major factor when determining your keyword competition and how to out-smart that competition, we must also bear in mind that SEO in general is ‘not’ dead, and we should also rely on other techniques we’ve deployed in the past in order to continue rising to the top. Therefore, good site architecture and easy robot navigation should be utilised alongside the new CF and TF (Flows) – us SEOs need to do a lot more now than ever before to succeed online!

Oh, and ‘human content’ still remains king with the new semantic searches of Hummingbird, so try and make it work for humans and bots alike.

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