london web design process
After receiving your instructions via our web form, we initiate a Free Quote estimate for the work we will need to carry out to develop your website. We can then either contact you via telephone, or set up a meeting in order to ascertain further information, and we’ll need to ask questions about the objectives of your online Business, the type of Business you are in, and any branding requirements – this provides a more in-depth knowledge to the solution which will suit your needs.

We will then refer this information back to our web development and web design team, and will begin the process of compiling a proposal agreement, which will outline the cost, time limits, and more detailed aspects of how we work.

You can always refer any questions at this stage back to us, and we’ll be happy to re-assure you.

web design research
After referring back to our web design and development team in London, we research your competitors, to get a view of how exactly their online businesses are performing in your locality. We look at their branding, keyword usage, ranking with Google, and back-linkage strategies (in other words, everything that can make or break an online business), and then we begin looking at how to optimise your website organically, via SEO for Google.

We then begin research into keywords we think are relevant to your Business and its objectives, and seek to find ones with good web traffic, which will prove beneficial to your Business’ income.

We will draw up an SEO Plan, so that you know exactly the keywords we will be targeting, and how relevant they are to your Business, in order to gain strength online.

web design london
From prior research knowledge of your competitors and their branding techniques, our web design team can then start to design a website which competes well against other similar businesses in your local area, and generates a good online traffic yield.

We will design your website gradually, and will forward to you screenshots as the site begins to build. You will therefore always be kept informed of the design and development process at all times.

Our designs are kept up-to-date, and we aim to generate websites which are minimalistic, contemporary, yet developed with in-depth target market information, for the consumer.

web development
We then bring together all the copywritten keyword content into the layout of the new website, and move around, add in or take out items which we feel are either necessary or un-necessary.

We add in images, any further pages, such as contact or quote pages etc, and internal anchor links. We look to further into drawing up good in-depth meta-data for efficient SEO optimisation and ranking with Google, and generation of sitemaps and any further techniques, in order to push your new website up the search engine listing pages.

web design testing
We aim to create a website which functions as it should inside and out, and on all platforms. We intricately perform usability tests on the website, and make any changes if required – we want your website to be 100% perfect before we let you take control.

And after the tests? Well the website will be ready to launch, and ready to hand over to you. With our easy to use CMS (content management system), you can update text, images and video like a breeze.

web design launch
We will set-up as many email addresses as you require, incorporating your new website’s Domain Name, so you can rest assured your contact emails are sent to the correct department or team.

After some further final checks are all complete, we will be ready to launch your website, and any holding page we had initially placed on the Domain, will be removed. Your website will then be up and ready for Google to rank and send web traffic to.